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2017 CreativeCon Sessions

Illusions and Heroes! Bly and Rowan Pope
Perspective illusion drawing and creating characters.

Sports & Physics – SMM educators
Sportsology exhibit and explore the science of sport, build and test an atlatl.

Haitian Drumming - Afoutayi Dance, Music & Arts Company
Play bucket drums, Haitian drums, tubes, and tchatcha.

Mazes & Labyrinths – SMM educators
Visit the Mazes and Brain Games exhibit, build a shoebox marble maze to take home.

Sports MedicineTRIA health professionals
Diagnose and treat injuries woth imaging and X-rays and ACL rehabilitation and prevention.

Frozen Moments and Moving PortraitsKarla Nweje
Develop your own team-based dance sequences.

TV Production with CTV The North Suburban Access Corporation
Work together in small groups to create a high-quality short film.

All About Bees - Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center
Experiment with different honey bee hive products and their benefits.

And more!

CreativeCon Dates

Participants: 5th - 8th graders
November 13 & 14, 2018

Location: Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul

Students dancing
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