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Text:  Knowledge Bowl

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Senior High Knowledge Bowl | | Middle Grades Knowledge Bowl

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Knowledge Bowl (KB) is an interdisciplinary academic competition that promotes academic achievement and rewards academic excellence. During a KB meet, teams of students work cooperatively to solve oral and written round questions. No team is eliminated during a meet and every team participates in every round. Questions are related to all areas of learning typical of middle grades and secondary educational programs. Knowledge Bowl competitions test students' recall and problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills and teamwork skills.

Senior High Knowledge Bowl
Middle Grades Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl students

Text:  Benefits for Students

Photo: Team discussion

Through teamwork, students participating in Knowledge Bowl:

  • Gain responsibility and a spirit of cooperation
  • Sharpen skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation
  • Acquire vast amounts of knowledge in many areas
  • Gain poise and self-confidence

Text:  Program Contact

Middle Grades: Julie Schaal, 612-638-1540 or julie.schaal@metroecsu.org
Senior High: Gina Jacobson, 612-638-1521 or gina.jacobson@metroecsu.org

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